Jenny Blake doesn’t consider herself a writer.

But the former Google employee turned blogger, international speaker, and career and business strategist has become a two-time author helping people do things they didn’t think they were ever capable of to begin with.

Jenny’s latest book Pivot is a career-change playbook that helps self-starters, freelancers, creatives and self-employed folks turn what’s working for them into what’s next.

In this interview, Jenny reveals how she doesn’t consider herself “a writer” at all, and how she came to realize that her writing just needs to be functional, not perfect.

Dave and Jenny discuss the evolution of one’s writing over time, how her book’s “Pivot Method” can help you write more, and advice on detaching from expectations and outcomes.

The interview free to stream, so tune in to listen below!

Listen: Talk To Your Writing

As You Listen…

  1. What does it feel like to “talk to your writing”? What can you learn from “asking” your projects, goals and desires what they want?
  2. Do you tend to stay “in service” to others while in transitions? How might you continue your giving, even when your work/words are changing?
  3. How has your writing been changing? How has your own “pivot method” been playing out?

Listening Guide

03:00  –  Introducing our guest, Jenny Blake
09:45  –  What changed in her mission from the time she wrote Life After College
17:45  –  Outgrowing your work, and professional pivots. Using a 1-year vision to close the gap to where you want to be
25:00  –  Why long-term planning is ineffective and counter-productive
28:00  –  How to use writing as a tool of communication rather than aspiring to be the best writer you can possibly be or to be a published author.
34:00  –  Falling quiet, meditative, or yogic can be just the answer
39:00  –  Why Jenny believes in talking to your book, writing, and projects. Faith in the creative process.
43:00  –  Being of service, especially when in transition.
46:45  –  Using fear and insecurity as doorways to opportunity, and how to treat those feelings as helpful.
48:00  –  Where to find Jenny online.