Charlie Gilkey is a philosopher and military veteran who helps creatives and entrepreneurs take meaningful action on stuff that matters.

In this interview, Charlie rethinks a famous quotation by Lao Tzu in a new way. He shares how he became an entrepreneur without planning or expecting to become one. Plus, you’ll hear sharp insights on productivity, picking the right path, and aligning outer work with inner work.

Are you ready to align your outer work with your inner values, and explore the usefulness of vulnerability in writing and creating?

The interview free to stream, so tune in to listen below!

Listen: There’s Not One Path

As You Listen…

  1. How do you define productivity in your creative life?
  2. What ways does your outer work reflect your inner values? How can you more fully express your inner work in what you ship into the world?
  3. What does accountability mean to you? Do you need accountability, or are you in need of encouragement, support, or sounding boards?

Listening Guide

3:53  –  Three myths of picking the “right” path
6:44  –  Vulnerability and work
8:06  –  Charlie’s story, from Army coordinator to entrepreneur
12:29  –  Definition of productivity and thoughts on focus
17:07  –  The unique launch and writing of The Small Business Lifecycle
24:43  –  Embracing vulnerability as learning.
30:43  –  Charlie’s advice for solopreneurs and writers: ship it.
33:09  –  The importance of “shipping” your ideas, the starving artist, excellence, and sell-ability
40:27  –  Accountability and doing the work

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