Late last summer, I quietly began to analyze the quality of my coaching work and questioned what outcomes and goals I most wanted for my clients, moving forward.

I also asked this big, uncomfortable question:

“No matter how I think I’m doing in my business, do I feel as though I am fulfilling my true calling and my purpose?”

My answer was clear: it was time for work to evolve again.

When you’re self-employed, motivated by purpose and meaning, or want to leave the world a better place, then following your dreams can feel like chasing a moving target.

But that’s just part of the journey.

As you learn, grow, and evolve, it stands to reason that your dreams and goals will, too.

Soon after, I began hosting dozens of conversations with clients, former clients, and peers. I asked them a lot of questions and threw a lot of ideas their way about how coaching might change in the future. I deconstructed my two most successful coaching programs, distilled the most valuable and impactful elements, and slowly pieced what remained back together.

What emerged was Claim Your Calling℠.

Claim Your Calling℠ is a new, long-term incubator for emergent thought leaders, aspiring authors, change-makers, and self-starters who are intent to live lives of purpose while leaving a wake of love behind them.

Despite the new name and a new “leadership” branding tilt, Claim Your Calling℠ is not really a “brand new” thing I’m offering for the first time.

This isn’t a big gamble or a total reinvention or something I’ve never done before — it’s a product of eight years of evolution in coaching, by way of the last four years of intensely coaching dozens of clients through creative, personal, and professional goals.

But since Claim Your Calling℠ isn’t as easily described as my old coaching offers, allow me to give you an exact picture of who this is for, and what we’ll be doing together, starting this February.

Who is Claim Your Calling℠ for, really?

When I announced Claim Your Calling℠ for the first time last week, I was asked by a handful of prospective applicants in the days following,

“Who is this for, really?”

The short answer is that who I’ll be coaching moving forward is who I’ve been coaching, all along:

💥 Self-employed creative entrepreneurs who run their own businesses, are growing their platforms, and developing landmark projects along the way

💥 Creative professionals who are managing work-life and intend to develop a sustainable, rewarding writing or creative practice

💥 Mid-career professionals with a book in their hearts

💥 Healer-teachers who want to transition into full-time self-employed work

💥 Side-hustlers and freelancers breaking out of hourly-wage work and developing their first businesses and platforms to support them

💥 Exec-level and late-stage professionals transitioning away from corporate and into their legacy work

Claim Your Calling℠ is for anyone who has an idea or belief that they are called to not just explore, but to champion: a business, a platform, a book, a change of direction in your career path or personal journey.

If you are turning lived-experiences and hard-earned lessons into programs, webinars, retreats, or books, Claim Your Calling℠ will help you define, refine, and launch them.

If you are writing stories, sharing insights, or developing beliefs and perspectives for a dozen, a hundred, or a thousand people, Claim Your Calling℠ gives you the space to deepen and clarify your practices, pursuits, and long-term alignment to your goals.

If you feel like you’re pulling on a dozen ideas, sieving through 50 possible projects for one golden nugget, or courting a hundred pathways that you might pursue in the months — and years — to come, Claim Your Calling℠ will hold you in safe, supportive space from which intuitive, integrated answers naturally rise.

If you are claiming a calling that resides within your heart and soul — and are intent to make it really, really real — then Claim Your Calling℠ is for you.

If that’s you… here’s what we’ll do.

As for what we’ll do?

Through a blend of clarifying 1-on-1 coaching and facilitated group experiences, you’ll be held in a supportive, energizing spaces — three times, every month — as you work to grow your business, refine your skills, birth creative projects, and make your mark on a world that needs your personal leadership.

CYC clients now receive a total of 75% more(!) coaching time, every month, than previously with Writer’s Group of Two (a creativity incubator for writers and aspiring authors) and The Unavoidable Life (a shadow work and personal development based life coaching system).

Here’s what I pulled from both of my old coaching systems blended their key components into Claim Your Calling℠:

🧩 1-on-1 Coaching: Clarifying and contextualizing coaching conversations were the heartbeat of Writer’s Group of Two and The Unavoidable Life, and that’s no different with Claim Your Calling℠.

Every month, you’ll self-schedule an enriching, 1-hour coaching conversation with yours truly, your personal coach and guide, in a sacred, clarifying space.

You’ll be guided through open dialogue, honest inquiry, and a personal reflection process that uncovers your true goals, clarifies your core desires, discusses important strategic steps and connects even the most seemingly disparate dots of your personal and career path together into harmony.

Clients consistently tell me that they “can’t believe how deep get, and how much ground we cover,” in just an hour, and say they leave “every call feeling refreshed, more clear, and excited to fulfill the work that’s ahead.”

As a CYC member, you’ll do your inner work alongside me, get clear, get focused, and get ready to set one manageable goal for the month ahead.

Learn more about CYC and apply now »

🧩 The Monthly Roundtable: This is an entirely new component of coaching that I consider to have been a missing link in years’ past that many of my clients would greatly benefit from: a special resource for lightly connecting with peers who are walking similar paths; setting a manageable monthly goal before the community; then, short, on-the-spot, rotating group coaching moments that I’m calling “Spotlight” coaching.

The Roundtable sits you down for 75 minutes of invigorating connection time with community members as I facilitate dialogue around 2-3 particularly tricky struggles, questions, or problems that have arisen for members on their leadership paths, creative journeys, or personal growth trajectories.

Everyone can ask questions and will learn a ton from witnessing this space.

Talk about getting out from hiding behind your computer screen — even though you’ll still literally be there — and entering into a sacred community vibe where you’ll be seen, held, supported, encouraged, and resourced to keep making your dreams real.

Learn more about CYC and apply now »

🧩 The Leadership Lab: Another brand new element to coaching, The Leadership Lab is a 75-minute call component that used to happen offline in between Writer’s Group of Two coaching calls. Clients would work on their creative projects offline, send me their updates, and I would take a look and help edit from afar.

In CYC, we’re building in the element of active practice space into our active shared space. In the Lab, you and fellow members will workshop your ideas, share your works-in-progress, and solicit highly specific feedback to help you define, refine, and develop your thoughts and stories.

The soft skills we build here are essential: actively owning being seen before peers, soliciting qualified feedback from others, and developing thoughts and ideas in real-time, out loud — all with full permission to be imperfect and learning as you go, just as we all are.

Learn more about CYC and apply now »

🧩 The Semi-Annual Showcase: The final, brand new element of coaching for 2021, twice per year CYC members will gather for a celebratory social event to share their finished works (or almost-finished works), raise a glass to honor one another, and take a crucial moment to celebrate the journey you’re on.

You’ll put on your finest top (pants optional, it’s Zoom after all!), bring a favorite cocktail (or a cup of tea), and join in as you and fellow members share a personal highlight from recent months.

You might read a recent essay that you’ve published, play an excerpt of a newly published podcast episode, sharing a snippet of your book draft, or simply show off something you’re proud of.

If you’re on a self-determined path as a creative, entrepreneur, small biz owner, healer-teacher, or professional, you know as well as I do how easy it is to skip over the honoring and recognizing of your growth, successes, and accomplishments.

Why? Because we recognize that the path is long and that there is always so much more to do to get where we want to end up.

The Showcase breaks that mold and invites you into the space of momentary recognition, celebration, and receiving the credit you deserve for the work you’ve done.

Learn more about CYC and apply now »

How to Apply Now

As you can see, in addition to the familiar, consistent monthly support of 1-on-1 coaching, Claim Your Calling℠ will now usher its inaugural class of founding members into two new, special spaces every month where each member-client has the opportunity to stand in the light of their leadership, practice, and actively grow, in real-time.

CYC holds safe and protected space for your personal growth, but further invites you to step out from the shadows, enjoy energizing conversation, and actively practice using your voice, being seen, holding space, and have space held for you.

My old coaching programs included just two, 1-on-1 coaching calls per month at a rate of $550/month.

Other incubators like CYC clock in at around $1,000/month.

Claim Your Calling℠ kicks off with exclusive pricing starting at just $625/month.

Selective scholarship discounts are available on an as-needed basis for BIPOC applicants, LGBTQIA applicants, and women-owned business owner applicants — just self-select your qualification in the application process.

(No further proof or qualifications are necessary — we’re operating on a full trust system and working towards increasing equity society-wide, one day at a time.)

Claim Your Calling℠ is a suite of supports designed to uplift your creative, entrepreneurial, and personal development journey.

I’m so excited to get this up, running, and off the ground in February.

We have 6 seats available for this first round. Two are already spoken for, the third looks ready to be claimed, and I have two “Maybes” for the fourth and fifth seats.

There’s still time to apply now.

I recommend you do, even if joining at a later date may be better for you. Just apply anyway!

There’s no risk, I won’t hound you like a slimy salesperson for the rest of your life, and I might even be able to offer some ideas and resources to support you in the short-term before you become a member.

If you’re ready to level up your inner leadership — from sharing your works-in-progress to developing your ideas with qualified feedback and guidance, problem-solving tricky issues, leaning upon the power of the collective for others’ learned and lived-in experiences to guide you, and more — Claim Your Calling℠ is for you.

I hope to see you inside the collective soon.