This past summer, I welcomed a new class of one-on-one writing clients into an individualized program that I call Writer’s Group of Two:

  • Gabi in Virginia was about to go back to full-time employment work after giving entrepreneurship a go, and she was concerned about losing her writing as she started her new job. Not only did Gabi want to keep her daily journaling habit going, she also wanted to work on deeper thought-pieces on politics and social issues to fully honor her “inner activist.”

How do we honor root needs, but still aspire toward bigger purpose?

  • Nicole in Colorado had spent years writing poems and stories, but had been coming to realize that she was finally ready to start publishing them. And yet, she was torn between publishing individual poems, or “saving up” for a big book of them. Also, there was the matter of another book she wanted to write to promote her coaching business.

What was her true priority, and where to begin?

  • Greg in California hadn’t had a creative writing practice for himself since he was a teen, and although he is a busy self-employed business owner, he sensed that now was the time to finally establish a personal writing ritual so he could explore the qualities of his authentic writing voice.

Amid the day-to-day bustle, how do we stay focused on secondary creative desires?
Over the following two months, I guided Gabi, Nicole, Greg and other Writer’s Group of Two clients along personalized pathways in writing:

  • Gabi started with simply captioning daily Instagram posts. That was her writing. Two months later, we’re personalizing a process that helps Gabi embrace her mindfulness practices as a natural resource for brainstorming, selecting, and writing the most important treatments of social and political issues that nag her conscience (and the consciences of those in her immediate community).
  • Nicole successfully submitted contributions to several books, and even published a guest post on a leading mindfulness website to promote her coaching business. We narrowed down her focus on a variety of books and selected the project with the perfect scope for her immediate needs, and most heartfelt desires.
  • Greg was elated to have poured nearly 10,000 words of writing onto paper in just the first week of our Writer’s Group of Two… but, he fell concerned when the words escaped him weeks later, as business and personal needs took precedent. It was normal, I told him, because his creative energy was being used in other pressing areas of life. Instead of creative writing, we directed Greg’s remaining weeks to polishing website copy, which served his booming business needs (and gave him a great sense of relief, to boot).

How fruitful could you imagine your next three months to be in your own Writer’s Group of Two?
No matter whether you see yourself more in Gabi, Nicole or Greg, every budding writer and creative soul can use an extra helping of personal support, deep seenness, intricate accountability and creative compassion to deeply explore and experience their writing.

When you sign up for Writer’s Group of Two, that’s exactly what you receive.

Imagine spending the next three months in a gentle rhythm; a creative container that supports who you are “off the page” by creating the space for you to dialogue with your soul-code, your dormant dreams, or your pressing desires.
You and I might choose to fill the next three months…

  1. Editing, revising and self-publishing your first novel, after having received full support and peer review guidance throughout the hustle of NaNoWriMo this November
  2. Drawing 2018 to a healthful and cathartic close, all while preempting the over-hyped start of the New Year with grounded forethought, planning and journaling
  3. Side-stepping over-giving and martyrdom amid the end-of-year holiday shuffle, choosing instead to decidedly not losing yourself amid the season’s annual traditions

Fully give yourself to your writing, and to take loads of lessons, revelations, and tactical know-how with you when our coaching concludes, for years to come!
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Thanks for reading, my friend!
Yours in writing,

Dave Ursillo, Creator