As of April 30, 2014, my writers’ group, The Literati Writers, has been shut down.

I announced my intention to close the writers’ group as it is currently constituted to our membership base this past April. The decision was a very difficult one for me. Many of our members have been a part of The Literati Writers since our debut in the summer of 2012.

This has been my heart-and-soul work. 

I’ve spent the last 20 months working with 80 amazing writers from 7 countries. I’ve created literally hundreds of unique writing lessons, creativity exercises, and worksheets since founding The Literati Writers in 2012. We published a book together called Before You Quit Writing, Read This!, which has been scooped up by more than 3,000 readers and helped so many reconnect with their creative desires.

The Literati Writers had truly become my “full-time gig” as an entrepreneur, and a major source of my entire income as a self-employed creative.

My identity as a creative entrepreneur has become attached to this group. And, perhaps most noticeably to the outside observer, a shift in direction means that I’m shelving a 6-figure business plan that I had been working on since late last year.

Nevertheless, this major change in direction will not only breathe new life into our community’s noble mission but doubly serve its writers–and their readers–in a much bigger way.

The Literati Writers will soon find new life and be reborn later this year with a new mission:

To unite a small collective of dedicated, service-driven, heart-aligned creative entrepreneurs into a tight-knit mastermind group for a six-month book-writing experience unlike any other.

Book-ended by two stellar retreats that will infuse intrapersonal connection with heart-opening conversation (plus good food, a beautiful setting, yoga, writing time and more), the new and improved Literati Writers will help bring nearly a dozen community-tested books of high artistic integrity into the world every year.

As a member, your mission, simply stated, is:

To create a work of profound depth which honors the Self, captures truth, and serves readers with presence, service and love.

The new iteration of The Literati Writers will hope to force-multiply the will of writers who feel called to serve the world through artistry, integrity and love. But how, you may ask–as we always tend to ask “how” next–is this to be accomplished? By fully honoring the calling that already resides within you.

Simply put, this is a six-month mastermind experience that will bring alignment, integration and harmony into your entire life, beyond the page.

What changed my entire business model and plans for six-figure income? A workshop of 5 people.

In the last six months, I’ve been feverishly working to build my resume and teaching experience by hosting small workshops for writers, creative entrepreneurs and yogis, teaching them the best advice and principles that I’ve learned in my years as a writer and author.

It’s been a pure hustle–a combination of soliciting strangers to listen to what I’ve got to say on writing for a couple hours and of enlisting friends to help me find an audience to teach. In November, I co-hosted my Sahaja Flow Creativity Workshop at my hometown yoga studio, Laughing Elephant Yoga. In January, I hosted a two-night, three-day yoga and writing retreat for 15 people. In February, I taught a storytelling workshop for 30 500-hour yoga teacher trainees.

And, this past March, a proverbial straw broke the proverbial camel’s back.

I was kindly hosted by my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Betty Jean Bell, for an intimate workshop for just five people in the heart of Austin, Texas.

Over nearly three hours, we workshopped principles of storytelling, discussed creative dilemmas that permeate the rest of our lives, and laid out step-by-step processes for conquering avoidance and embracing our artistic callings.

The incredible experience that was working with five people and witnessing their transformations in person has convinced me to shelve my 6-month business plan to scale my primary business to 150 members–and six-figures of income.

The experiences that I’ve had working with handfuls of people in communal, friendly, in-person workshops has transformed the manner in which I wish to work, live and create.

A workshop for five people reminded me of the profundity of the experience of creating change live and in the moment for souls in the same space as you.

So profoundly soul-nourishing and eternally reaffirming is the effect of these workshop experiences that a guy like me would bite down hard and make the tough decision to altogether throw away his 20-month plan-in-action.

And it feels utterly liberating.

My belief in the mission to help writers, artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to “live and love” their creative journeys is stronger than ever.

That’s why The Literati Writers had to change–and why it’s coming back better than ever.

I can’t yet say when the new book-writing mastermind will debut, but I’m looking at an August or September launch date.

If this is something you might be interested in being a part of, please email me and tell me why–because I’m still shaping the offer and want to know how I can best serve you.

In the meantime, I’m taking more of my workshops and in-person experiences on the road–including to Europe this spring.

This May, I’m heading to Amsterdam, Brussels and Berlin (and possibly Reykjavik) to lead even more of my intimate but transformative creativity workshops where I’ll spill my best advice, personal stories, experiences and creative strategies.

I’d love to see you in Europe this month!

If you aren’t in the area but have friends or connections in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Iceland, please send them my way so that we can “meet” one another ahead of my arrival in Europe–let them know that I would truly love to meet them while I’m abroad. Hopefully, they will feel warmly invited to join me and my hosts at these get-togethers.

I’d be lying to you if I said that I didn’t love how remarkably transformative these kinds of experiences are. We will dive into creative goals, stumbles, struggles, and a variety of raved-about strategies that I’ve learned from over 20 months of running a writers’ group and working with the stellar Literati Writers.

That’s exactly what I’m bringing to Europe this month. You can learn more details on my Unapologetically E.U. tour here.

And hey, who knows what kinds of business plans or six-figure ambitions you might throw away after joining us there :)

As for what comes next for The Literati Writers, stay tuned. 

This evolution is one that will certainly not disappoint.


P.S. – If you have been interested in writing with me in The Literati Writers, I will be developing a new writing course for you that I’m planning to debut this summer. Subscribe to my blog to be notified when it goes live.

Meanwhile, I happily recommend someone who I respect and revere, my friend and fellow writer Sarah Kathleen Peck, who teaches really great writing and storytelling workshops in online format–she still has some spaces open for upcoming workshops.

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