What if every time you wrote, you found yourself writing in Hawaii?

Imagine it:

When you get stuck on a tricky paragraph, you look up and see a towering mountain range and thousand-foot cliffs — then think, “This paragraph really isn’t so tough.”

When the words aren’t flowing, you break to jump in the warm, turquoise waters of the Pacific.

And when you feel dizzied from drinking too much coffee and having your face stuck in a computer screen for hours on end, you pause with some fresh fruit on the lanai or a coconut shrimp skewer (rolled in crushed macadamia nuts, of course) from down the street.

Imagine if your creative lifestyle was rooted in the Hawaiian islands.

How would your creative journey feel? How would the art, books, blog posts you create be different? How would they feel different?

How would they make your ideal readers, preferred customers or dream-clients react — to the words, the ideas and to you, yourself?

How would the caliber and quality of your work grow if you wrote from this place of complete love and presence, overflowing gratitude and peaceful perspective?

What if you could free yourself and your writing – from anywhere in the world — by aligning your creative journey with the aloha you deserve?


Get the Inside Scoop on My Latest Project Launching this Week: ‘Writing With Aloha’

I’m getting ready to announce my latest and greatest project this week — a very fun, high-level and challenging project, the likes of which I have never tried before:

Writing With Aloha is a two-day virtual writing seminar that I’m hosting from April 4th – 5th 2013 and that will challenge you to align your creative journey with your values — to help shape your journey into its own teacher, an inspiring source for your writing and its own fulfilling reward.

I want you to give you the chance to get the inside opportunity before I release it to the public, since only 15 seats will be available. Click here and plug in your email address to sign up for my new newsletter Human-Powered Magazine, which sends every two weeks or so.

Back to the seminar: Writing With Aloha is 100% virtual and hosted entirely online, so you can participate and enjoy from anywhere in the world.

You’ll join a small, unique class of passionate writers who want to live and love their creative journeys for four writing workshops (and eight total hours of learning, conversation and exploration) that will help you learn how to revolutionize your entire creative lifestyle.

These workshops will explore and teach a variety of high-level skills, philosophy, and strategies to help you learn and grow as a writer — and also invite a depth of your own personal exploration to understand what you want, need and value most in your journey.

Writing With Aloha seeks to answer these questions:

  • What does it really mean to live a creative lifestyle that’s aligned with deep personal values? How do you reap from it — spiritually, and practically?
  • Is it possible that the ways in which you live your life can become a source for creative expression and artistic growth?
  • How can you explicitly reshape your craft (and writing life) for them to become a *source* of love, presence, compassion and gratitude? And what the hell does that even mean?

Spaces in this seminar will be very limited. The cost to you will be $308. I’ll be opening up 15 slots this week — first dibs will be offered to my newsletter subscribers, so you ought to pop over and sign up there to get an early chance at a seat.

Registration will close after just one week, on Thursday, March 28th.

The ideal participant is a writer who is determined to completely revolutionize how he or she thinks, learns, grows and creates great work — from a place of love, compassion, gratitude and presence.

Is that you?

If so, make sure you sign up for my Human-Powered Magazine newsletter to be notified when the doors open to new members this coming Thursday.

Or, drop me an email and let me know why you’re interested — and I’ll make sure you get a first chance at 1 of 15 available slots.

Mahalo, and see you on the inside :)