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Written, Spoken (Season 1 Trailer) Transcript

Dave Ursillo [00:00:03] Written, Spoken is a podcast in which the written word comes to life as the spoken word through the voices of the writers who wrote them. Hi, I’m Dave Ursillo and I’m your host. In Season 1 of Written, Spoken, you’ll hear 10 personal narrative essays and human interest stories as they leap off the page and into your earbuds for the very first time. As the name of this podcast suggests, these are written stories that I recently shared with my online readers.

[00:00:28] As for who I am, I’m a writer, an author, a storyteller, a former yoga teacher, a coach to creatives, and a guide of creative self-expression. I’m a speaker, a workshop leader, an e-course creator, a world traveler, and a self-employed creative. For the last ten years, I’ve been writing, publishing, authoring books, and supporting hundreds of writers and creatives the world over.

[00:00:51] Once upon a time, I was an aspiring presidential speechwriter who once walked in the West Wing of the White House. But I left the world of politics a decade ago to pursue a life and career of writing instead, all guided by this dream of sharing words that might do more to help people, encourage people, and inspire people in all the ways that politics seemingly couldn’t. Today my work spans creating e-courses and online programs, teaching webinars and live workshops to audiences of hundreds, mentoring aspiring authors and artists, and much more. If you, like me, live your life at the intersection of self-knowledge and self-expression, this podcast is for you.

[00:01:32] Season 1 of Written, Spoken marks the 10-year anniversary of me leaving my first career path in public service behind. Over 10 episodes, you’ll witness an intimate moment of transition in my personal life. We’ll step into the uncomfortable reality that is exploring a brand new creative endeavor for the first time and navigate it alongside one another. I’ll tell you the story of a secret language I learned on the streets of Paris and what it reminded me about people everywhere. We’ll also do a little soul-work, questioning the stories that govern our perceptions of life, who we are, and what we’re capable of.

I’ll share with you the reasons why I believe that words, phrases, labels, and descriptions in our shared language naturally change over time — and why the idea of political correctness is to me a myth that misleads us from understanding the constantly evolving nature of all human communication. I’ll tell you a little known story behind a worldwide phenomenon that (so far as I believe it) is responsible for thwarting the creative self-expression of millions of writers the world over for the last 40 years.

If that’s not enough to get you to subscribe to Written, Spoken now, here are a few highlights from our upcoming 10 episode season that’s soon coming your way…

[00:02:52] I guess I had started to take for granted how suddenly one can slide from that buoyant exuberance state of, like, “Yay, creativity!” to one of, “I’m a total failure and the world is a dark and cruel place.” That’s how quickly it can seem to happen.

[00:03:09] I don’t want to just endure the passage of time for a hurt to feel less hurtful. I used to want that. I used to just try to survive it. To make it to the other side. Now, I tried to reside within the breaking.

[00:03:29] For every one part destructive, change is also one part creative. That’s why any honest dream contains within it equal parts anticipation and terror. It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting a family or starting to write your first book. Freedom and uncertainty are not opposites, they are one and the same.

[00:03:49] I hope that as our souls meet, your soul feels even the smallest amount more seen, witnessed, appreciated, loved, understood, and supported.

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[00:04:28] I’m looking forward to sharing some words with you, no matter where you are in the world. I hope you’ll stick around for what’s in store. Talk to you on Monday, June 17.

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