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I’ve published over 440 essays and stories since I started my blog in 2009, hoping it would help spring me into a new career as a professional writer (and aspiring author) after I quit my job in politics and left my public service career behind.

I hoped to cultivate a life of change-making and purpose using my words.

Years later, I’m still writing, and believe that words are a powerful, intimate form of meeting one another – and exploring the True Self.

Here’s a shortcut to the most popular musings on my site:

  1. Lifestyle Design is Over. Romantic as it may be to paint life as an undying adventure, it runs the risk of detaching readers from the truth of the realities that we all live. Read more
  2. Dear Dave (A Letter to Me, From Me, that You Might Read). Dave, yes. I’m telling you to be better. Not better than anyone else. Just better than you yesterday. Better than who you were. Because you expect it of yourself. Read more
  3. Overcrowded Yoga, Pink Hair and an Ounce of Kindness: A Story. When I walked into my third ever yoga class, I turned around and left. But the teacher followed me. What she did next changed my life forever. Read more
  4. At 5:38 AM, We Stood on the Highway and Shared Chai Tea. My first hours traveling in India took a bad turn. But this true story of the real life stresses of global travel takes a compassionate turn — one I won’t soon forget. Read more
  5. Your Problems Don’t Matter. On the journey to wholeness within, your task is to intently challenge the problems you see. Because you see them as problems. Read more
  6. 4 Years Later, What Happened When I Faced My Yoga Shame. I walked into, and out of, my third ever yoga class. Years later, I was still wondering why. What I discovered about myself changed my entire life. Read more
  7. You Don’t Know What You ‘Want’ Because You’re Afraid of Using the Word. It’s no wonder we struggle to know what we want in our lives — we barely use the word. Worse, we overuse “need” to create urgency around our decisions. Read more
  8. Be Unapologetically You. At the end of every yoga class I teach, I recite a sort of “prayer.” But it’s these three words that speak the most loudly — and uniquely — to students. They have for years. Read more
  9. Anonymous Email. Confessing Depression. And, What Happens When You Share Your ‘Scary.’ One anonymous email arrived in my inbox to say thank you, and instead of letting it go, I replied, and it changed two lives. Read more
  10. Be Seen: Why It’s Scary, and How ‘Seen’ Means Taking Ownership Of Your Life. The real terror of being seen: something comes next. Read more
  11. Why You Do and Don’t Want to Quit Your Job, from a Guy Who Did. No, you shouldn’t quit your job. But maybe you should, anyways. This 5,000-word expose takes every angle into consideration so you don’t have to. Read more

More, you say? Lovely.

Here’s a handful of my personal favorites:

My Journey Across the Years…

  1. 2015 was the Last Year that I’ll Spend Alone (2015 Review). The last 7 years have revolved around a self-journey to heal my karma, and now I’m ready for the next iteration: no longer alone, now in communion with others. Read more
  2. Do Your Damn Dharma (Or, Chakra-Guided Reflections on a Very Yogic 2014) (2014 Review). My annual review takes shape with the chakra system as my guide. After all, 2014 was a year in which I graduated from yoga teacher training, became a yoga teacher and even traveled to India. Read more
  3. 38,000 Miles Later (2013 Review). In 2013, I learned that it’s the people who pull their broken hearts open wider are the ones who we envy, respect, admire and wish to become. Read more

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Happy reading!