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Thank You! And Now, a Special Offer for You…

As a special thank you for completing the 3-Day Story Reset, I have an invitation for you to consider.

If you’ve been wondering, “How can I take my story journey even further than over the last 3 days?” this is for you.

But first, tell me…

  • How would it feel to get personalized attention, meaningful context, and true clarity about the story that you’ve been living lately?
  • Just how helpful, empowering, even liberating would it be for you to have your very own qualified story expert to immediately discuss, unpack, and explore your recent revelations from your 3-Day Story Recent?
  • How far could you go to shift your life toward the story that you want (and deserve!) to be living with the help of a professional coach to explore, experiment, and begin to take concrete steps on your path?
  • What core desired feeling-state you would honor by enlisting a conscientious guide and creative partner to support your journey over the next 6 months, instead of going it alone?

Unstuck Today℠ brings your “reset” results to life through a 1-on-1 video coaching-consulting session with me, Dave Ursillo.

Together, we will precisely diagnose the points of struggle, resistance, and friction that are holding you back from finding your forward flow in your career, professional development, creative pursuits, or personal life.

Choose from a 1-hour or 2-hour deep dive, starting at just $219 — making it a highly affordable coaching investment in your personal or professional development.

Best of all, we’ll create a short, on-the-spot, action plan to get you forward-flowing so that you can start to see real results in your journey from here!

Here’s what’s included when you sign up for Unstuck Today℠:

  • One, 1-Hour OR 2-Hour Video Coaching-Consulting Session with me, Dave Ursillo
  • Co-Create an Action-Plan for Moving Forward
  • Get Unstuck, On-the-Spot, with Your Book, Business, Idea, or Story
  • INCLUDES Complimentary Follow-Up for Accountability & Support
  • Receive a FREE Session Recap and Summary PLUS ActionPrompts to Guide You
  • Re-Live It: Receive a Full Video Recording of Session to Post-Process and Reflect

On top of what you’ve learned from your 3-Day Story Reset, our coaching-consulting session gives you some precious outside knowledge, expert perspective, and 12+ years of experience from a qualified coach, all to help you settle on the exact steps that you need to take live your self-storied life from here.

Put your voice to your “reset” results.

We will not only uncover the unconscious shadows that may be limiting your growth and experience of an abundant life… we will also set personally rewarding, sustainable goals for the next several months of your life.

Take your “reset” to the next level. Define your expectations of personal success, happiness and lasting fulfillment… with the help of yours truly!

Along the way, guided by compassion and heart-centered patience, we’ll expertly navigate common stumbling blocks, points of resistance, and sneaking shadow behaviors like self-limiting beliefs and old, outdated stories from your past, so that you can truly live the story that you deserve to be telling.

Click here to learn more about Unstuck Today℠ and to apply for your session.

Here’s to the story we’ll tell together from here,

“Hands down, Dave is one of the best coaches that I’ve worked with. I look forward to my interactions with Dave in our calls, where we cover a wide variety of topics relating to my life. He is always ready to engage and actively reflect upon anything that I need help with, and I feel safe talking to him about anything. Since working with him, I’ve gotten close to self-publishing a book of poetry, found new purpose in my drawing and writing, and generally live a more joyful life.”— Tracy Huang, Attorney, Washington, D.C.

“Our bi-weekly calls are the most pivotal conversations in which I engage regularly regarding my personal and professional evolution. Dave’s ability to see clearly and get right to the heart of the matter (using language I wish I had been able to cultivate to describe what I’m feeling) always blows me away. I leave every call feeling refreshed, more clear, and excited to fulfill the internal assignment I’ve chosen to be held accountable to. I always look forward to our next session!” — Patsy Kenney, Brand Strategist, Providence, R.I.

“I began to coach with Dave because I was tired of feeling like a ‘stuck’ professional. Our work together helped me identify and unblock the areas in my career journey where I either felt out of options, or undervalued by others around me.” — Charlotte Love, Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor, Providence, R.I.