How to Claim Your Calling: Webinar

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How to Claim Your Calling: 10 Myths That Turn Dream Work Into Living Nightmares is a 90-minute webinar experience that guides you through 10 detrimental myths — or outdated stories that have long since outlived their usefulness — that permeate the Internet, social media, and conventional self-help and personal development advice when it comes to changing your life, seeking dreamwork, or living with more purpose and meaning.

In this webinar, Dave breaks down the toxicity, misconceptions, and false expectations of these 10 myths before offering 10 “replacement stories” or intentions, affirmations, and ideas that may help you make decisions and pursue your dreams in greater and healthier integrity to your goals of claiming your calling.

You’ll also be guided through a short, felt-body experience to illuminate the question of “What’s calling?” right now, through an unconventional and feeling-oriented inquiry experience, using breathwork and body scanning.

As an alternative to heady, mind-first goal setting, this exercise can help open you up to a greater understanding of what your body’s innate wisdom has to share with you about pursuing change in your life.

Enjoy, my friend!