My new writing course, Unavoidable Writing: Turn What You’re Resisting into Your Refuge, is here!

This is not a writing course reserved for professional writers, aspiring authors or folks who tell themselves, “Dayum, I am hella awesome writer and I want everyone to know it!”

Quite to the contrary, this course is a writing course for those who may feel more reluctant, hesitant or resistant to writing than anything else.

After 5 years of working closely with upwards of 300 part-time writers, budding creatives and freelancers from more than a dozen countries, I began to develop an intuitive and heart-centered system for helping people more fully explore and understand their callings to write. I’ve helped authors, entrepreneurs, part-time journalers, homemakers, budding writers, visual artists and the creatively-curious embrace a highly supportive style of personal writing that fueled their practice for months to come.

Today, most of my former clients now consider themselves to be writers (if not in title, than at heart and by soulful vocation).

Writing remains a practice of communing with their truth, and staying aligning to their soul’s callings.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Embrace your budding writing practice as a self-support system that compliments, not imposes upon, your everyday life
  • Harness how you feel as a trusted resource to guide the content of what your heart wants you to write about
  • Establish your very own writing practice that highlights your core desired experiences and quells the resistance that’s been holding you back.

Unavoidable Writing is practical as much as it is spiritual, and helps you solve the most common stumble-points around one’s personal writing desires, like…

  1. How to even get started writing, like, at all
  2. What to write about when you don’t have a set goal
  3. Overcoming imposter syndrome and the long laundry list of excuses, self-limiting beliefs and doubts that every single person (writer, artist, or not) is bound to encounter along a creative journey

So many of my clients describe themselves as “not really writers,” and thus tend to feel a lot of self-doubt around investing their dollars, time and energy into a writing course.

That is, until they realize that what I teach (as I teach in Unavoidable Writing) is self-expression at the intersection of self-knowledge.

The course consists of 57 smart, intuitive lessons laid out in a thoughtful narrative that explains how your creative explorations in your journal mirror a known psychic-spiritual and emotional journey. My role as your guide is to show you how, where and why three major “shadow” traits of our human psychologically typically arise at specific points in our writing lives.

Through a series of reflections, journaling prompts and creative exercises, you’ll learn how to observe those shadows, use writing to heal them, and then empower yourself to transcend the limitations that are holding you back from being as full and whole as you can be in this lifetime.

This course is for you if you want to…

  • Finally give yourself the space and support to fully explore and understand your calling to write, once and for all
  • Nix guilt-scripts, worries and emotional baggage that keep deflating the joy you seek from creative self-expression
  • Empower yourself with a new source for self-knowledge, self-worth and self-awareness

Unavoidable Writing is available now for just $179, which is marked down from the future price of $300 in the New Year after we finish this initial beta testing round.

You have the chance to register from today until January 3rd, when our doors close until the spring. But! Once you buy the course, the content (and every future update) is yours for life.

There are no start dates, submission deadlines, or obligations, either — the course is entirely self-guided and designed to be supportive to your life off the page, as on it.

You have a voice, dear one. It’s time to use it!

I hope you’ll join me in turning your resistance into your refuge.

Click here for the rest of the details and to register now.

Until next time, enjoy the rest of your 2017, stay bright, and shine on!