Work With Me

Living a self-storied life can feel like an isolating journey, but it doesn’t need to be.

I spend my days immersed in clarifying coaching conversations with clients. 

From aspiring writers to first-time authors, business owners on a mission to serve, solopreneurs who want to love their journeys more (and hustle and grind less), and “everyday yogis” intent to feel more growth and significance in their lives, my role as a coach is to guide, mentor, and support your ever-moving goals and personal definitions of success.

With abundance, compassion and inner resilience to guide us, my coaching offerings support your business growth, improved creative output, personal development needs, and the soulful achievement of longterm goals.

The power of intentional conversations is clear: you’ll experience sudden awareness, connect the threads of your long-lived story, and place into perfect context the full range of who you are and what you desire most from your life, work, and relationships today.

I help my clients not only achieve their goals but feel more fully expressed and self-realized, every step of the way.

Whether you’re writing your first book, reconnecting to the heart of why you do what you do at all, or require a savvy strategic consultant to support your organization with a pressing project or issue, together we will create meaningful and sustainable transformation at the intersection of self-knowledge and self-expression.

One-on-One Sessions

Bespoke Consulting, Per-Project Basis. I offer select clients the opportunity to retain my writing, communications, and strategic planning services for high-level consulting partnerships, including nonprofit organizations, business owners, senior executives, and social-political organizations who are driving innovative change through policy, systems, and structures on regional and national levels. Contact Me »

Long-Term Coaching for Business, Life, and Writing

Writing Coaching & Peer Review. Writer’s Group of Two℠ distills the magic of a large writers’ group down to a one-on-one coaching formula, blending personal accountability, creative guidance from an experienced writer and author, bespoke writing prompts, and the routine opportunity to have your recent work peer-reviewed and line-edited by your coach. Starts at $500/month; 6-month minimum. Learn More »

Life Coaching & Personal Development: The Self-Storied Life℠ is personal development based life coaching that uncovers and refines your personal, professional, and spiritual goals — while guiding you through shadow work and healing practices to help you overcome stuck, stagnant patterns of self-limiting beliefs. Refine and deepen into your relationship to self and others; develop an abundance mindset; explore loving ways of expressing yourself in the world, and even make peace with shadow patterns or self-limiting behaviors. Starts at $500/month; 6-month minimum. Learn More »

Business Owners & Career Transitions: Story Shine℠ is a path-correcting one-on-one coaching journey that reconnects “spiritually-deadened” business professionals, small business owners, and solopreneurs to the heart and soul of their life’s work. Designed for career transitions, sudden shifts, and necessary evolutions, Story Shine helps you rewrite your cover letter, revise your LinkedIn Profile or About Me page, all while holistically supporting your short- and long-term wellbeing. Starts at $1100/month; 2-Month Minimum. Learn More »

Journaling Programs

Self-Awareness & Storytelling: The 3-Day Story Reset is a free, 3-day micro-journaling program designed to heighten self-awareness for the story that you have been living lately (in as little as 15 minutes per day) using fill-the-blank exercises and one reflection prompt, daily. Learn More »

Workshops & Webinars

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