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As a writing coach, life coach, and communications and storytelling strategist, I believe in engaging my clients as partners and peers in a collaborative creative process.

That’s why my working relationships always involve helping my clients develop their longterm creative independence and communications autonomy:

I bake long-term personal growth, professional development, and business solvency into the very fabric of our work together.

Whether you’re interested in life coaching, getting help to write your first book as a new author, or enlisting a savvy strategic consultant to support your organization with a pressing political issue, together we will create meaningful and sustainable transformation at the intersection of self-knowledge and self-expression.

Coaching and 1:1 Sessions

Unstuck Today℠ is a multi-hour, deep-dive coaching and consulting session featuring on-the-spot action planning to take immediate steps for getting unstuck in your project planning, book-writing, or entrepreneurial endeavors. Uncover what is holding you back — and how to use that blockage to discover your immediate path of learning and growth, moving forward. Learn More »

Writer’s Group of Two℠ distills the magic of a large writers’ group down to a one-on-one coaching formula, blending accountability, creative guidance, bespoke prompts and peer review of your writing with an experienced author and coach as your partner and guide. Learn More »

The Unavoidable Life℠ is life-coaching for advanced personal development practitioners who are determined to intimately understand their shadow patterns and self-limiting behaviors through Dave Ursillo’s system for sustainable and inspiring spiritual expansion every day. Learn More »

Programs, Events & Courses

Unavoidable Writing is a creative philosophy and mindset for creatives and writers who want to invert bad writing habits, emotional struggle, and creative blockages into newfound sources of creative energy.

Learn how to start and sustain a rewarding personal journaling practice as a resource for cultivating self-awareness, feeling more mindful every day, and staying into conversation with your story, beliefs, and soul-code. Learn More »

Communications Strategy and Story Consulting

I host sporadic high-level communications strategy and story consulting partnerships with business owners, senior executives, nonprofit organizations, and social/political organizations who are driving innovative change on regional, national, and international levels. Learn More »

Writing and Story Services

As of 2020, I no longer offer professional writing, ghostwriting, or copywriting services in a for-hire format.

Instead, my previous Story Shine service offering has evolved into a hybrid creative coaching and peer-review model called Writer’s Group of Two, where your content goals and writing desires are supported through hands-on peer review and editorial support, plus hands-off consulting, guidance, and instruction.

The result? Short-term production of content you love, and long-term skills and creative resilience for you, their writer. Learn More »

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