On your commute to work, the yoga studio or to drop the kids at school this morning, thousands of people whom you don’t know agreed to hundreds of the same things as you, a hundred times over.

They agreed to drive on the correct side of the road.

To stay in their lane.

To yield at a yellow light.

Not because they are perfect or have this thing called life completely figured out.

Each of them is trying his and her best — and dealing with a personal struggle, a doubt, a worry, a fear, a question to which he or she does not have an answer. Just like I do on an ordinary Tuesday. Just as you might, too.

No matter what news headlines said this morning, no matter what power brokers and Twitter trolls are saying, just about everyone all around you agreed to the same core set of standards and beliefs today.

Like they did yesterday. As they will tomorrow.

The truth is that people so often choose what is good, right, just and fair in our world — and choose it so quietly, so effortlessly, so instinctively — that we barely notice the extent of the almost-total agreement.

In my heart, I always want to believe this way. But on down days or doubtful moments — which seem far too frequent nowadays — it’s not easy to give people the benefit of the doubt; to brush off someone else’s road rage or meanness or disregard for goodness as “just” an expression of discontent, sadness, longing, frustration, woe.

Let’s be clear about this: we’re all being extremely taxed right now. Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

There is a high frequency of negative vibration reverberating in our world today. There is a heavy air of distrust and deep concern sparked by flash-points of pain, and wounds that we thought our society as a whole had outgrown.

It’s been particularly tough for those amongst us who are healers, teachers, guides, body workers, creatives, spiritualists, everyday-yogis – those whose work, vocation, or intuition lead us to usher the love and light of the invisible-spiritual plane into the physical-tangible world. As ushers, bridges, and conduits of divine source, we act as glue between both worlds. Right now, we are all feeling stretched thin.

If you need a boost today, let it be this.

Don’t forget how many people around us are already and still doing their best. That they are a part of the quiet army of good; those who so effortlessly choose stability, order, and togetherness that it makes no sound.

Remember that chaos, fear and distrust whittle our vision, love and intuition down to jagged edges.

Stay strong in your prudence, openness, understanding and compassion. They are “right” – not because I or anyone else says so, but because they are objectively equalizing: they level out dividing lines and separation and distance, and help to bring our souls back into the awareness of the harmonious order of things. Even if things seem out of control.

Thousands of people whom you don’t know all agreed to hundreds of the same things as you, a hundred times over.

Already, today.

As they did yesterday.

And will, tomorrow.

That’s no small deal.

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Alongside you on the journey,