What fire burns in you?

Nah, we’re not talkin’ arson, here. I’m talking about the fires of your spirit, your love, your passion — those biz ideas, your sincerest interests and personal endeavors, those deepest (and maybe never-spoken) dreams that call your name every single moment of the day.

What fires do you need to start — in your life, in your world, in our world?

…What makes you come alive?

It’s an easy question to ask, but a tougher one to answer. I think you know the answer deep down; it’s not hiding. There are things you love. Topics and subjects you cannot stop consuming. Interests that grab the gaze of your eyes and won’t let go. Ideas that beg you to come after it, like a lone bread crumb that leads down some swirling, unknown path.

Fires. The ones that emblazon your thoughts obsessively, with drunken intrigue.

I want you to start those fires… we all need you to stoke ’em. Make that baby burn. Unapologetically. With reckless abandon and quiet determination.

And, thankfully, the brilliant, heart-stoking, high-priestess of pyromania herself, Danielle LaPorte, also wants you to stoke your fires. Her latest creation, The Fire Starter Sessions, will teach you how to do just that.


Enter: The Fire Starter Sessions

I love the hell out of Danielle.

And I’d run through a building, brick by brick, or single-handedly overthrow an entire government (have to be a pretty small nation) if I had to — if it meant she could just keep writing.

Like all of Danielle’s prose, The Fire Starter Sessions ought to be branded with a warning label: Read At Your Own Risk. This book, this manual, this manifesto, will stir a revolution in your soul — and convert the tinder of your quiet dreams into a raging inferno of capital-T Truth.

A beautiful and motivating catalyst for self-realization, a guide to business with heart, and a personal tool for dream-honing, The Fire Starter Sessions is also an inspiring personal story of survival and keeping true to your values in the face of uncertainty and adversity (“I’m a humanitarian,” she once told a business adviser, “who happens to be an entrepreneur.”).

There’s a lot to love about this book (Yes, if you’re reading this, I know you would love it too), and a lot to love about Danielle. Her vibe. Her grit. Her humor.

But what I love most about Danielle is that she is a leader… who creates leaders.

She doesn’t want you to join “her fire,” she wants you to stoke your own. Don’t become another Danielle, she’ll tell you, become yourself. Don’t imitate, never sacrifice your truth, resist submission at all times. Live, thrive, burn.

There’s an old saying that goes,

“Real leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”

And creating leaders means empowering, inspiring, helping and enabling others to best help themselves. Real leaders don’t just dish out the fish, they teach others how to fish — with spears, poles, rods, nets, by hand, with dynamite and mind-powers. Leaders create leaders, who may, in turn, pay it forward down the line and help create more leaders, themselves.

Real leadership is a beautiful cycle of giving.

A synergy of selflessness.

A never-ending flow; limitless love.

Real, human leadership.

These are the fires that you start as a leader without followers.

Creating leaders. Inspiring, empowering. Teaching others how to fish, with whatever means they so desire. Giving, giving, giving. And here’s the thing about endless contribution — it never comes at a loss. It always comes at a gain.


Giving endlessly? I like that idea…

Everything Danielle does is giving. Her blog is giving. Her poems are giving. The Fire Starter Sessions is giving. And, yes!, she’s a very successful entrepreneur and a biz rockstar — but with D, the dollars are a second priority to her integrity, doing what’s right, and keeping true to her values.

A devout capitalist with endlessly-giving heart — how great is that?

I’ve seen it from afar, I’ve seen it in person. Her unshakable, perpetual dedication to giving really blows me away. I love that about Danielle. I’m inspired, humbled, and motivated by it. It fuels me on a deep, and very appreciative level. And it makes me want to give a lot more.

So, I think I will. Right now.

As you know, I just revamped and relaunched my blog with a slew of new coaching, course and speaking offerings (and more to come) as I jump-start my business, hone my mission and quadruple every effort of my giving.

So, here’s what we’ll do: My new 1-on-1 offerings? 8 Power Sessions. 8 WHY-Bomb Sessions.


Limited slots. First come, first served. Only 1 session per person (choose carefully :).

Can’t afford $1? Pay zero. Chip in $40? Awesome. Feel like wearing abundance on your sleeve and paying full freight ($120 Power Session / $150 Why-Bomb)? Wonderful. You choose.

What happens next? We unite, we rock out, you get fueled: wildly inspired 1-on-1 coaching that gives you clarity and direction in your mission, with practical tools and priceless “next-steps” on where to go next. Plus, connections (I’m a damn good connector, so I’m told) and introductions to other amazing people who will help your journey.

Me, jump-starting your fire. Creating leaders. That’s what I love. And you can choose how much that’s worth to you today. Good deal? :)

8 Power Sessions: 

How do I “flip the switch” and positively change my life? Power Sessions are 1-on-1 life coaching sessions: teaching you foundational leadership on a very personal level. I’ll guide you through my own personal process for creating a deep, personal, foundational base within to become a leader in your everyday life — and how that grants you the keys to establishing long-lasting happiness within.

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8 WHY-Bomb Sessions:

You know what you want. You have ideas about how to achieve your goals. But WHY do you do what you do? “The Why” is what drives you, but if you’re unable to understand your Why, you might feel stuck, confused, and aimless to achieve your personal, business and big-picture goals. A WHY-Bomb Session is an action-packed, truth-seeking missile that busts through your mind-fog and mental obstacles — with heart, positivity and sharp clarity — and will to unleash your Why, your truth, your purpose.

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And don’t forget to pick up The Fire Starter Sessions.

Be forewarned: The depth, liberating power, and simple beauty of your fire is a life-changer.

Let’s start some fires.

Photo cred: Sherri Koop

Disclosure: The above links for The Fire Starter Sessions are affiliate links. I gladly accept several pennies (yay!) on the dollar, if you decide to purchase Danielle’s amazing book through those links to Amazon.com. My piggy bank — his name is Steve — deeply thanks you. Oink oink.