“The path of life is perpetually shrouded in fogs of uncertainty…”

When I started DaveUrsillo.com in the summer of 2009, the blog had little intent or actual direction — beyond being an outlet for my writing passions and with hopes of somehow helping me to leverage a book publishing contract in the near or distant future.

With 2010 coming to a close, I really had to begin my annual Renegade Review by making this list and intently looking it over. You see, sometimes direction is found by cutting a trail with your eyes or imagination; sometimes the wind catches your sails, and you let it take you where it must; sometimes, you must trudge one heavy foot before the other, over and over, and realize your direction only by looking back and seeing the trail behind you.

Here is every single piece written on DaveUrsillo.com in 2010. I’m sure that when you glance over these dozens of pieces I’ve written, you won’t, of course, see the same trail that I see when looking back on my year. But there are distinct trends and patterns, ebbs and flows, progressions and regressions in subject and style and aim.

In tomorrow’s Renegade Review post, I’ll detail how my goals and life mirrored these posts, and how my shortcomings and failures compelled me to change direction, hone my focus with DaveUrsillo.com, and achieve new goals that I hadn’t even set in stone.

As for the list, be sure to check out those marked with ‘s, which denote my particular favorites. Which are yours?

January 2010 (8 Posts) – Leadership, Politics, Military, Liberty

February 2010 (5 Posts) – Effort, Perspective, Decision-Making

March 2010 (5 Posts) – Understanding Life, Dealing with Rejection, Heroism

April 2010 (10 Posts) – Life’s Direction, Honesty, Giving, Quiet Leadership

May 2010 (9 Posts) – Leadership, Followers, Giving, Responsibility

June 2010 (10 Posts) – The Self, Others, Balance, Inner Peace

July 2010 (8 Posts) – Regret, Decision-Making, Problems, Control

August 2010 (9 Posts) – Patience, Perspective, Change, Criticism

September 2010 (9 Posts) – Anger, Hatred, Suffering, Love

October 2010 (11 Posts) – Life, Spirit, Self-Love, Limitations

November 2010 (9 Posts) – Love, Growth, Giving, Community

December 2010 (14 Posts) – Forgiveness, Compassion, Time, Freedom